Lunch at The Varsity…

As we wrap up our 3-day stay in Atlanta today, we want our supporters and colleagues in interfaith work to know that we’re having some fun in this welcoming city. You didn’t think that CBB was all work and no play, did you?

Well, Rev. Steven Martin – a Methodist minister, videographer/photographer and executive director of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good – introduced us to the greasy wonder that is The Varsity. He patiently explained the art of what and how to order (chili dog, mustard, F.O., peach pie) to myself, Imam Yahya Hendi and our colleague Rich Eisendorf.

Imam Hendi snagged some kitschy Varsity hats for us to wear and we were set. Rabbi Amy Eilberg didn’t join us because she understandably wasn’t sure if the food was kosher. For the record – we asked, and Varsity hot dogs are beef. Lesson learned – interfaith togetherness can stop at the questionable chili dog. 🙂


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