CBB Caravan for Reconciliation in the News!

Nearly 100 students, faith leaders and community members came to Clergy Beyond Borders’ program Tuesday evening at UNC Charlotte to listen to Imam Yahya Hendi, Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Rev. Adam Bunnell discuss inter-religious dialogue and respectful pluralism in America. Our event at UNC Charlotte was so far one of the most well-attended community events since our first stop at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pa, on 9/11. In attendance was Mary Curtis, a weekly commentator on Fox News Rising morning show in Charlotte, NC. Yesterday morning, her insightful, intelligent commentary on our program aired. Watch here:

Keeping it Positive

WYFF4, a local TV station in Greenville, aired a great news clip about our program at Furman University last night. Although we didn’t catch it on the Web during our two and a half hour drive to Atlanta, we watched it this afternoon before our lunch program at Candler Seminary. We’re excited to see our message spreading!

WYFF4 – Greenville


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