Caravan for Reconciliation, by the Numbers

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and we’re on the road again! Today we’re driving through the rolling landscape of North Carolina to Greenville, S.C. where we’ll present our 7p.m. program, “From Fear to Faith: Advancing American Voices for Religious Pluralism” at Furman University.

It’s too bad we don’t have a video camera inside our cramped van because this group of clergy (Imam Hendi, Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Rev. Steven Martin and Rabbi Gerald Serotta) is funny, warm and inspiring. At any time during our road trips, we’re on our computers sending e-mails, contacting media, uploading photos, making phone calls, praying together, making jokes or trying to catch a moment of sleep in between the many conversations happening all at once.

As we travel in our 12-passenger Ford van, we’re also counting the miles, cities and states we’re passing through to put this ambitious trip in numerical perspective. Here’s a quick break-down:

Miles driven (to date): 700+

Cities: 19

States: 10

Universities to visit: 9

Houses of worship to visit: 15

Clergy traveling on the van: 9

Number of people attending our programs (estimated, to date): 1,700

Number of laptops, iPads used in the van: 7


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