Coming Soon to a City near You: CBB’s Caravan for Reconciliation

Mark your calendars! Clergy Beyond Borders is hitting the road starting Sept. 11, 2011 for “Religious Leaders’ Caravan of Reconciliation: An American Journey of Clergy Beyond Borders,” a two-week journey across the country to spread the message that religious diversity is an essential value in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Attacks on any faith community and on freedom of religion promotes extremism and threatens peace in America and abroad.

Using an approach modeled on interfaith dialogue, Clergy Beyond Borders will present and teach resources for use by community members, clergy and divinity students so that they can respond to attacks on faith communities within the U.S., including anti-Islam sentiment. Each stop on the tour will respond to local communities’ needs and include sources for pluralism within Abrahamic traditions and resources for conflict resolution. The Tennessee program, and others as applicable, will focus on discouraging current anti-Shari’ah legislative efforts as well as opposing religious bigotry in all its forms.

Speakers on the tour will include Founder and President of Clergy Beyond Borders, Imam Yahya Hendi, who is also the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University and a member of the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of North America. Other participants include Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Executive Director of Clergy Beyond Borders and founding Chair of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America; Rev. Dr. Adam Bunnell, a Conventual Franciscan Friar and Roman Catholic priest who currently serves as Special Assistant to the President for International and Interfaith Relations at Bellarmine University; and Rev. Carole A. Crumley, an Episcopal priest who has served as Senior Program Director at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation since 1997.

The Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), among other Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and interfaith organizations and individuals, have endorsed Clergy Beyond Borders’ Religious Leaders’ Caravan for Reconciliation.

From Sept. 11-25, we plan to stop in these cities:

Harrisburg, Pa. (Sept. 11); Washington, D.C., Richmond, Va., Durham, NC (Sept. 12) Charlotte, NC (Sept. 13); Greenville, SC (Sept.14); Atlanta, Ga (Sept. 15-17) Chattanooga, Nashville, TN (Sept. 18, 19); Louisville, KY (Sept. 20); Cincinnati, OH (Sept. 21); Detroit, MI (Sept. 22); Toledo, Cleveland, OH (Sept. 23, 24); Mercersburg, Pa.; Frederick/Annapolis, Md. (Sept. 25).

If you live near one of these cities, please consider joining us at our public events and spread the word!


One thought on “Coming Soon to a City near You: CBB’s Caravan for Reconciliation

  1. Religious Freedom, one of our most precious rights now more than ever, needs more than just an obligatory nod, an cheap yes. It needs actions just like these to quiet the fears of many Americans who are concerned about terrorists and accept the toxic view that these crazies are representative of Islam.

    Work such as this is one of the best ways to combat Al Qaeda. Enabling religous bigots by remaining silent does nothing to keep them from continuing to pour oil on the terrorists fire.

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