Order Amid Chaos: A Post-Purim Thought

In The Holistic Haggadah: How Will YOU Be Different This Passover Night?, Michael Kagan describes Purim — which Jews celebrated on March 19 and 20 this year — as the “festival of order in chaos.” The biblical text read on Purim is the Book of Esther* which famously never mentions God except for one oblique reference. So, Kagan says, in this story, “God’s face is hidden, but God’s hand is revealed.”

In that spirit, Clergy Beyond Borders this week introduced “The Reconciliation Ride,” a project which can be understood as one way to make God’s presence more obvious and help create order amid chaos: In response to the increasingly chaotic way people of faith are addressing one another in this country, CBB offers this thought-journey on the use of words.

CBB hopes you will check out the short video below and read the related materials. Then please share with friends, colleagues, Representatives, etc. Finally, it would be especially helpful to this project, if you and your friends click through to “let CBB know you’re on the Ride” from CBB’s webpage (or skip directly to “event” registration — http://bit.ly/eblYr9).

* The Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible differs substantially from the Book of Esther in the Catholic Apocrypha. top


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