Join the Reconciliation Ride

“Just as the hand can kill, so can the tongue.” —Arachin 15b (Talmud)
“…what comes out of [a person’s] mouth,
that is what makes him unclean.” –Matthew 15:11 (Gospel)
“No man shall deride [other] men, neither shall you defame one another,
nor insult one another.” —Al Hujarat 49:11 (Qur’an)

Religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, stress the importance of careful speech about others. And the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of, and from, religion. But suspicions, slander and misleading statements about entire faith communities are common in informal talk and in the public square. This deteriorating situation threatens religious pluralism in our country.

In an effort to return the U.S. to more respectful pluralism and increase inter-religious understanding, Clergy Beyond Borders encourages individuals and groups to join the Reconciliation Ride. Check out the short video — complete with music of Rabbi David Shneyer and Mavis Staples — and related discussion materials. Take this thought-journey on your own. Consider our questions, which begin with two from the Book of Genesis — “Where are you?” and “Where is your brother?” — and add your own. Share insights, challenges, and resources for the journey. Then let CBB know that you’re “on the Ride” and encourage others to get on board.

The event link includes options for no-cost RSVP, just to let CBB know you’re on the Ride, and for donations. CBB encourages those who are able to financially support this project and other Clergy Beyond Borders work toward pluralism, understanding, authentic dialogue, justice and peace.

To increase the impact of the Reconciliation Ride, it is crucial that the journey reach as many individuals and groups as possible. Consider forwarding the Reconciliation Ride to neighbors, friends, colleagues, congregation members, etc. The “Get Involved” section offers easy methods of sharing the journey with your contacts.

Please take just a few moments to join and share the Reconciliation Ride. May the journey increase inter-religious understanding and respectful pluralism in our local communities and beyond.

CBB is grateful to religious advisor Rev. Majid Abel, of Lahore, Pakistan, for the teaching which inspired the Reconciliation Ride.


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