CBB Responds to Homeland Security Hearings

March 10 was “A Dark Day for America,” according to CBB Executive Director Rabbi Gerald Serotta:

..there is something else at stake in these hearings [on “radicalization within the Muslim community and that community’s response] that we dare not lose sight of. The purpose expressed quite literally singles out a particular minority religious community as a whole (Muslim Americans) for investigation, asserts some level of guilt a priori, and then asks that community to admit its guilt and defend its good name. What does it mean to have Congress inquiring specifically into the dynamics within one specific religion?

…These hearings lead our country down a dark and dangerous path of demonization that threatens all of what America stands for, that which has uniquely allowed us to thrive as a minority here. We need to stand with our Muslim sisters and brothers at this time and oppose this misguided and dangerous path. —Read full essay

CBB partners were also among those speaking out in various media: Dr. Ingrid Mattson appeared as a Guest Voice in the Washington Post’s On Faith section. David Gushee’s “Hearings on Muslims could harm us all” appeared in USA Today. Rabbi Amy Eilberg was among those quoted in the “Stand Together” project of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America. The National Religious Campaign Against Torture, The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, and many other religious organizations spoke out against the hearings as constituted.

Additional phases in the Homeland Security Committee’s plans have not yet been announced. Meanwhile, however, CBB Founder Imam Yahya Hendi is offering educational presentations on Islam, speaking in Toledo, OH, for example, on March 13.


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