European Muslim Leaders Visit Auschwitz

CBB friend British Mufti Abdujalil Sajid, was among Muslim leaders visiting Auschwitz, the former Nazi death-camp, last month. The trip honored the memories of the millions of Jews and others killed in the Holocaust with an anti-hate message.

Imam Abdujalil Sajid at Interfaith Visit to Auschwitz

“I wanted to see it with my own eyes – and teach others about the evil of hate,” reported Sajid, a long-time writer, teacher and activist for interfaith understanding and human rights. “This should never happen again to anybody….Muslims have to stand up with Jewish friends because in Europe, anti-Semitism is rising – and where there is anti-Semitism, Islamophobia is not far away.”

The trip was organized by UNESCO, the educational and cultural arm of the United Nations, as well as Paris City Hall and a new anti-racism group called the Aladin Project. Jews, including Holocaust survivors, and Christians were also part of the large delegation.

A Matter of Education

Increasing tolerance, Imam Sajid says “is a matter of educating our future generations.” He plans additional writing and teaching projects in the wake of this visit. In addition, the Aladin Project was created two years ago to raise awareness about the Holocaust and to fight racism, Islamophobia and intolerance. Their website offers educational materials, including primers on Judaism for non-Jews and on Islam for non-Muslims.

Read more about the trip on the Project Aladin website and in The Jewish Chronicle Online.

A number of CBB friends participated in a delegation of North American Muslims conducting a similar trip in August 2010. Read more about that trip on our Facebook page and at Politico.


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