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Please share this invitation widely!

Dear Friend:

The need for a stronger and more powerful Clergy Beyond Borders has become more evident than ever in the last few months. CBB’s unique voice can help counter the misinformation and prejudice spread in part by religious leaders. We hope you will join us and share this invitation with others eager to promote understanding and dialogue in place of fear and tolerance.

CBB provides resources to heal communities where there has been misunderstanding related to ignorance, prejudice, and even abuse of religious traditions. CBB leaders have recently participated in training clergy in this country and in many diverse societies abroad including Thailand, Pakistan, Niger, and Jordan. Its leadership includes deeply committed clergy from the three major Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The inaugural conference of CBB in late 2009 focused on Human Rights within these three faiths. Audio and visual materials from that event are available for those interested. Through the work of CBB’s Founder and President Imam Yahya Hendi, we have also been able to make available specific materials on Islam and its relationship to Judaism and Christianity, a subject which will be of interest to those from any background.

To help us extend our network of resources and support, please join us as a religious leader partner or a supporter by visiting and following membership links. CBB’s virtual community also includes “Clergy Beyond Borders” on Facebook and where your comments and news are welcome.

With blessings and hopes for Salaam/shalom/peace,

Yahya Hendi, president and founder
Gerry Serotta

, executive director
Clergy Beyond Borders

Facebook: “Clergy Beyond Borders”
Twitter: 1Ark1Humanity


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