“Liberation,” “Sharia”: Dirty Words?

Clergy Beyond Borders is dedicated to sharing resources across faith traditions in the pursuit of justice and peace. In recent years, and especially in recent months, the term “Sharia” has been employed in some quarters as a dirty word. Similarly, the expression “(Black) Liberation Theology” has been employed — including this past weekend, on the anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom — as if it were a dangerous threat. Below are some resources to promote understanding.

Sharia Resources

CBB founder, Imam Yahya Hendi, explains the term “Sharia” [path]. He cites five “filters” of action on the Muslim “path” to embodying divine attributes:

1) to safeguard the intellect and right to thinking of every human being;
2) to safeguard the wealth and right to accumulate wealth by each individual;
3) to safeguard religious practices of every human being;
4) to safeguard and protect the dignity of all people; and
5) to protect the land.

This video presents excerpts from “Islam from Within: Ethics, Morals and Laws.” The full DVD series is available from The Heart of Islam. These videos are also available as part of a membership package at Clergy Beyond Borders.

Karamah, the organization of muslim women lawyers, has an extensive series of video lessons on-line. Please share these resources and and suggest additional materials to promote understanding.

Liberation Theology Resources

Liberation Theology bibliographies, chronologies, and more.

Interview of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor emeritus at Trinity United Church of God in Chicago, by Bill Moyers.

Please share additional resources and comments.


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