News from Uzbekistan

Several recent articles describe CBB founder Imam Hendi’s work in Uzbekistan. The sense is clear, although translation issues are evident in those not originally published in English.

English report from US Embassy —

“Yes, we can. Yes, you can.” Imam Yahya Hendi echoed this now-famous American rallying cry to a packed meeting hall in the US Embassy.

———–Translated from Podrobno, July 15, 2010—————-

Holy places for Muslims, as well as wall writings and literature of Uzbekistan, could serve as a good lesson for prosperity of good relations between all the religions of the world, Imam Yahya Hendi said.

U.S. Embassy hosted a final press conference with Imam Yahya Hendi, a Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University.

The famous orator performed before reporters with the outcome of his visit to Uzbekistan. He noted that he was very happy to visit holy places for Muslims and hoped that wall inscriptions and literature which he read while visiting these places can serve as a lesson for prosperity of good relations between all religions of the world. According to him, Uzbekistan has a great spiritual legacy of our ancestors.

At the press conference, Imam told reporters his views on religious development of the world. In particular, in his speech, Yahya Hendi said that women’s participation in establishing a modern society is a big factor in promoting democracy in the world. He expressed concern in relation to those countries where women are not given to study, work, and take an active participate in the society. He does not see any development in this, and calls both Muslims and people of other faiths adhere to modern realities.

He also noted that all religious confessions, as well as atheists and ordinary citizens of all nations of the world must always have the right to express their views and be able to create a dialogue between each other.


—————from HTTP://CA-NEWS.ORG —————–

Yesterday, American Embassy in Uzbekistan hosted a regular press [conference] for journalists with the participation of Muslim [chaplain from] Georgetown University – Imam Yahya Hendi.

Mr. Hendi is the imam of the Islamic Society of Frederick City, Maryland, and the Muslim [chaplain] at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. He is also a member of the North American Council for Islamic jurisprudence.

“This is not my first visit to Tashkent, and I hope not the last. Today, I stand before you not on behalf of the U.S. government, but as an ordinary person. I’ve been to 80 countries, including Muslim countries, but Uzbekistan always attracts me and gives me a great makeup for an even greater knowledge of Islam,” Hendi says. Muslims must study Islam, read the Koran, follow rites and customs, but they must not live in the past.”

A well-known speaker, over the past 10 years, Imam Hendi has lectured on interfaith diversity and a wide range of other issues in the U.S., Asia, including in Central Asia, Africa, Europe (including Eastern Europe), Australia and the Middle East, and took part in conferences held in more than 63 countries and 45 U.S. states. Mr. Hendi is one of the Muslim leaders who met with President Clinton during his presidency. He also met with President Bush after the September 11 tragedy and repeatedly met with him during his presidency.

Imam Hendi often visits and lectures in churches and synagogues, hoping to establish a new positive relationship between the followers of the three Abrahamic religions. In his lectures, Hendi focuses on issues related to gender relations, family issues, ensuring world peace, social, economic and political justice, and interfaith conflicts.


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