Mourning and Hope

In the Jewish calendar, today, July 20, is “Tisha B’av” [literally: the Ninth of the month of Av], a day of mourning for the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and other calamities in Jewish history. It is a day of introspection, as we have been taught that sinat chinam [baseless hatred] toward one another played a role in the destruction. But it is also a day of hope, as we move from grief to hope, looking forward to a better world.

For some, this day will be observed as a “Day of Lament, Hope and Action to Heal the Earth.” Here is the liturgy, which could be adapted by others interested in their own liturgy of grief and hope for the earth.

For others it is a day of re-considering how brothers and sisters listen to and treat one another. Some resources for interdenominational exploration in Judaism, originally prepared for DC Beit Midrash [house of study] are available here: TishaBav5764.

What resources have other communities developed that could be shared?

Are there parallel observances in other traditions?

In a world where so much destruction goes on daily and so much baseless hatred remains, may this be a day of healing.


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