CBB and Torture Awareness Month

CBB executive director Rabbi Gerald Serotta appears in a new video prepared as part of Torture Awareness Month by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. The video highlights the June 7 release by Physicians for Human Rights of a report detailing alleged medical experimentation on detainees by the CIA.

CBB friends, including Rev. David Gushee, Rev. Steven Martin and Dr. Glen Stassen of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, are prominent in this work to raise awareness of torture, examine past U.S. policies and prevent future abuses of human rights.

Rabbi Gilah Langner, who participated in CBB’s conference on Human Rights and is active with Rabbis for Human Rights, authored this prayer for healing of torture victims.

Here is an Interfaith Prayer of Re-Commitment

And here is a powerful OnNotTakingVengeance, discussing Jesus’ torture and Jesus’ teachings on treatment of fellow human beings.

NRCAT’s website provides many educational materials as well as additional worship materials from Christian, Interfaith and Jewish traditions.

Join NRCAT in asking for a commission of inquiry.

Rev. David Gushee’s discussion of the the campaign against torture, part of CBB’s “Religion in the Public Square” program on December 14, 2009, is available in three parts on our YouTube Channel.

Stay in touch with CBB for more updates on this and the many other activities of CBB members — religious leaders and supporters of interfaith work — by subscribing to our news blog (button top right) and/or clicking “like” at the top of our Facebook page.


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