Imam Hendi: Ignorant preach hate

Saturday, April 17

‘Ignorant clergy preach hate’ says Imam Hendi

This article — based on an interview with Daily: The Nation, a Pakistani publication — appeared on the blog:
“It’s in Your Name! Knowing and reaching out to Him is the finality!”

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Muslim scholar Imam Yahya Hendi has maintained that the people have misunderstood and misinterpreted religions, which have resulted in animosities among people with various followings….

“There is an urgent need to impart informed religious education to people, and main responsibility for this lies with the clergy, which is also guilty of creating differences among Muslims, Christians and Jews, as conflicts are not in the religions, it is among the ignorant. ” He said this in an interview with Daily The Nation.

Imam Hendi was of the view that people, especially the Ulema, were ignorant, as none of them had tried to go beyond one’s own religion, and study other religions. “Ignorant ulema, priests and clergy, who preach hate because they do not know,” added the Imam. “We have misinterpreted history and religious practices as well,” he observed.

To a question about mending the damage, the Imam, while speaking on behalf of the human family and a ‘universal dustian’, emphasised the need for a dialogue among all. “People are killing each other for lands, but sacredness of the land is because of the people, who are being killed in the name of religion. Let there be politics of justice, and governance should aim at it,” he said. “When a church is burnt in Pakistan, Muslim around the world should object to it.

And when a mosque is razed in any part of the US or world, Christians must be saying no to this,” he opined, while stressing that all should reform the educational systems, especially religious and political. “Instead of laying claims on countries, there has to be abilities to come together to agree to disagree sans becoming enemies,” he averred….


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