From Conference to Pakistani, International Efforts

A note from Lahore, following CBB’s December conference:

I am fine here with hopes that you would be sailing in the same boat. I had the honor to speak as Imam, Madni Jamia Masjid Ghazi Abad; Chairman, Pakistan Ulma and Mushaikh Council; and Deputy Secretary, National Peace Committee for Interfaith Dialogue Government of Pakistan, at the conference organized by Clergy Beyond Borders on 14th-15th December 2009 in Washington, DC, USA.
The scholars of Islam, Christian clergy and rabbis openly and harmoniously conveyed the message of unity and love, making this conference unique. Especially, the way different groups conducted question answer sessions really help to eliminate the internal differences. It not only helped to gather all the nations of the globe for the sake of solving problems through dialogue but also provided the way to a more peaceful world.

Through this letter I, on behalf of my organization (Ulma Mushaikh Council & National Peace Committee for Interfaith Dialogue, Government of Pakistan), would like to commend and congratulate you for organizing such a conference.
My organization and I think that Clergy Beyond Borders will create understanding at an individual level as well as it can help to seek peace, end wars and save millions of lives as result of war. The participants can be viewed as resembling flowers of different colors who, once joined, result in a sweet bouquet, and that bouquet is Clergy Beyond Borders.
Interfaith dialogue is an attempt to;
1                                      Save humanity
2                                      Solve problems of all nations
3                                      Drive world towards economic progress
4                                      Eliminate social problems
5                                      Give birth to exemplary peace.
I once again commend you and your organization for arranging such a successful conference, and thank you for inviting me and giving me opportunity for speaking out my ideas. I hope you will provide the same opportunities in the future. 
I am of the opinion that participants should be made a part of Clergy Beyond Borders, with a certificate of participation or letter of membership. I also want to represent your organization in Pakistan. I want to organize a conference of all religions at the national level under the banner of Clergy Beyond Borders for developing peace and serving humanity.

Your brother,

Pir Allama Muhammad Zubair Abid
Imam, Madni Jamia Masjid Ghazi Abad Lahore;
Chairman, Pakistan Ulma & Mushaikh Council;
Deputy Secretary, National Peace Committee for Interfaith Dialogue, Government of Pakistan


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